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the Bhagavad Gita

There is no doubt about the benefits of yoga for students even in today’s modern world.

We are well aware of the endless emotional and physical disorders that an adult faces due to unhealthy lifestyle choices and how the practice of Yoga can help them overcome these problems and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, today children and youth are also victims of stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, etc., due to a highly competitive environment and work culture. Peer-pressure, examination pressure, long working hours, irregular eating habits are a few other causes of a stressful lifestyle.

Learning Yoga at an early age can have lasting and immense benefits on the overall health and well-being of the student along with academic improvement, boosting memory and longer attention span.

It is therefore not surprising that We DPPS have adopted Yoga as part of our everyday routine. Qualified instructors are here for achieving peace of mind, maintain increased energy levels, improve flexibility, and find inspiration to channelize student’s energies in the right direction.