Manager’s Message

We realize that, choosing the right school for your children is one of the most critical decisions that you, as parents, will ever have to take. You see, children are the reason why we, the Vincentian Congregation at DPPS have been in this profession all these years. We understand children, we believe in their infinite potential, we recognize the need to provide our pupils with a whole gamut of learning experiences. We are convinced that these children are our future and that they can be groomed to be competent, compassionate global citizens but most of all, our lodestar is our infinite love for the children in our care.

At DPPS, our guiding philosophy is to provide an education that is the confluence of knowledge and character. Our emphasis is to provide the most modern and sophisticated learning environment finely blended with correct value system and traditional ethics making the students stick to their roots.The school provides a platform to the students to explore their hidden individual as well as group talents making learning an enriching experience that lasts forever.

Fr. Thomas Thekkemury VC (Manager)