Principal’s Message

Ever since the formation of the society, the Systems of Schooling has been subject to evolution. With revolutionary advancements constantly redefining generations, the world has always been a busy place. Future is no more the destination, but the path where visions get reviewed, challenges change, aims get greater, and there is no stopping in it. Education gives our children the wings to fly, the strength to fight the odds, the wisdom to find the truth, and the courage to conquer their dreams. This is where we come in, De Paul Public School.

Every child has a dream waiting to be realized. Every dream counts as it lights upa brighter tomorrow. Aspirations lead a child and we prepare them for the greatjourney. At De Paul we hope to create an atmosphere of veneration for educationand a healthy environment where work, sports and co-curricular activities willmould our student and spur them on to be the brightest and the best. We realizethat good education is a state of culmination of truth, wisdom, love, peace andgood health in a human being. Therefore our emphasis is always on the overallgrowth of a child. To us, the quantity of the student body has never been apriority, but the quality of our student body is what matters the most. We do notbelieve in just creating scholars, but we strive to mould great human beings out ofthe little ones who walk in through our gates.

Every parent becomes a part of thisprecious family and we cherish this relationship. We value every opinion, every suggestion, every remark and every requirement of every parent because they have entrusted their beloved children in our hands and we are happy to prove them right and that their children are in safe hands.

With the unflinching support of a benign and benevolent management, enlightened parents and excellent staff, I am sure school will continue scaling greater heights with each day.

Fr.Siby John Karikilamattathil(Principal)