Co-Curricular Activities

Students who get involved in co-curricular activities are more likely to succeed academically. The school maintains a vibrant atmosphere of arts and culture. New ideas that would showcase students' talents are constantly explored. In fact, it is the prominence assigned to co-curricular instruction that distinguishes us from similar institutions. Various clubs coordinated by staff oversee these activities. Getting involved is important for any student and at De Paul there are enough activities to make all the students feel that they are an important part of the school community. Co-curricular activities constitute an important part of educational orientation in our school. We therefore expect children to take part in the activities.

Physical Education

De Paul Public School provides excellent indoor and outdoor play facilities for all. The toddler’s playground area includes swings and slides and various other structures to improve co-ordination skills and overall health improvement. The outdoor equipment for seniors consists of a multi-play, multi-activity set-up designed for thrill and adventure. Dedicated volley ball court, basket-ball court, running track and a football ground encourages team sports within the students. The school has a fully equipped indoor games room with facilities for Carom, Chess and other indoor games, where all these games are played in a competitive manner and compatible atmosphere.

Fine Arts

The De Paul has a different notion of fine arts education. Here, students are given exposure to a series of activities under the guidance of the fine arts group. These activities include the following:


The Painting and Sculpture courses awaken the students' awareness of their own potential as artists throughout life. They become insightful and discerning observers of the world around them and cultivate proficiency and creativity in the visual arts including the interdisciplinary engagement of these skills.

Dance & Music

Dance and Music are integral to the curriculum developed by the school, hence dedicated teachers are allocated to guide the children through the nuances of dance and music. The facility provides an intimate venue for students to showcase their talents in this particular field and is well furnished with various musical instruments and proper audio facilities.


Is an opportunity for those who really like to create and develop their artistic talent. There are art projects where pupils can make or create all sorts of interesting and exciting things using all sorts of different materials. Pupils have the opportunity to sketch, paint, collage, sculpt, design, model clay, carve wood and stone and gardening.

At DPPS, we believe that School life is the foundation that you build for your life. Learning good manners during your school life helps for your overall development. During the first 2 weeks of the academic year, children are trained by Professionals through our Finesse program in the different areas of manners and etiquettes. Subsequently, children practice these behaviours during the rest of the academic year.