Beyond Academics - Sports And Arts

Physical Education
Activities included in the PE program at De Paul are designed to promote physical fitness and more importantly, to teach students to adhere to the rules of sports. Students learn to excel both in individual performances as well as while working as a team. Games and athletic items such as football, basketball, cricket and skating are coached in the school by trained instructors. In our system, it is almost always mandatory that students study physical education as part of curriculum.
Fine Arts
The De Paul has a different notion of fine arts education.  Here, students are given exposure to a series of activities under the guidance of the fine arts group. These activities include the following:
The Painting and Sculpture courses awaken the students awareness of their own potential as artists throughout life. They become insightful and discerning observers of the world around them and cultivate proficiency and creativity in the visual arts including the interdisciplinary engagement of these skills.
The core of our provision beyond the curriculum is a high quality coaching scheme for students who take private lessons with special tutors. A Music Orchestra is organized and students get the chance to perform on stage. 
The course is unique and exciting. Students develop strength, flexibility, rhythm and coordination along with the discipline, focus and drive. They also have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a variety of movement arts and dance genres which include Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Keralanadam, Folkdance, Contemporary, Western and Fusion dances. The students study with outstanding dance teachers.  Different dance items such as folkdances, contemporary and western and fusion dances for stage performances are organized. Students are given the opportunity to perform during programmes and festivals especially in the most awaited  arts festival, which is the culmination of all the creativity and hard work the students had put-in in their the dance classes.
Is an opportunity for those who really like to create and develop their artistic talent. There are art projects where pupils can make or create all sorts of interesting and exciting things using all sorts of different materials. Pupils have the opportunity to sketch, paint, collage, sculpt, design, model clay, carve wood and stone and gardening.