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The De Pauline patio of alphabets and numbers enriches the ethos and tradition imparting the enlightening wisdom down through the ages interminably. It is an expanse of excellent learning experiences which manufactures  the internal young minds to develop externally as outstanding ignited souls behaving humanely, thinking decidedly; being emotionally balanced,  intellectually sound, morally integrate  and spiritually insightful.
The academic philosophy envisages the manifestation of the perfection already in the children. Besides the formal learning of cognition through the controlled curriculum the school elevates the need to negate the undesirable impacts of the modern changes and imbibe the desirable and expected virtues by providing the life oriented skills and value oriented atmosphere. It will again urge us to figure out the children with their infinite energy, aesthetical brains and zealous to accomplish beyond the measure of academics in the present scenario.
The opportunities endowed with the children here would apprehend the latent aptitudesfrom them on and on. By carving them with the sentiments of love and nurturing them with the passion of perfection De Paul awakes the generations to the call of good servants of both God and Country.